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  • Gatchaman Galactor #1 (Of 4) Cover A Kath Lobo

    Mad Cave Studios Gatchaman Galactor #1 (Of 4) Cover A Kath Lobo

    Galactor is under siege by a threat from within! After a secret attempt on his life, Berg Katse sets about to uncover a conspiracy within Galactor, born of their earliest days. Galactor's leader goes undercover to hunt, identify, and ruthlessly dispense with a revolution growing within Galactor's ranks. The first issue in an all-new miniseries that expands upon the ongoing series!


  • Biker Mice From Mars #1 (Of 3) Cover A Dustin Weaver

    Oni Press Biker Mice From Mars #1 (Of 3) Cover A Dustin Weaver

    MARS! MICE! MOTORCYCLES! The next epic chapter of the Nacelleverse starts NOW with an ALL-NEW, ALL-ADRENALINE ADVENTURE for the free-wheelin', butt-kickin' animation icons who ride the Red Planet's hardest roads! Rocketing out of the pages of NacelleVerse #0 . . . the '90s cartoon sensation is back in a brand-new comic book series from red-hot writer Melissa Flores (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Spider-Gwen: Smash) and Eisner Award-nominated artist Francis Portela (Green Lantern)! Best friends Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie were just three anthropomorphic, motorcycle-riding mice who called Mars home . . . and were always bad to the bone. But when the ruthless Plutarkians stage a mass invasion to strip their planet of its precious resources, their antiauthoritarian streak is going to turn into a full-blown insurgency. Only the Biker Mice from Mars can prevent the mass destruction of Earth's neighbor . . . and the freedom of our entire solar system may just hang in the balance. Leading into the upcoming animated series by executive producers Brian Volk-Weiss, Cisco Henson, Matt Kravitsky, and Michael Goodman from the Nacelle Company, Maximum Effort's Ryan Reynolds, George Dewey, Kevin Hill, and Ashley Fox, as well as Fubo's David Gandler and Pamela Duckworth, the summer's most anticipated return revs up the action as a never-before-told chapter of Biker Mice history stands revealed! MARS WAR starts now!


  • Gatchaman Ken Deathmatch #1 (One Shot) Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards

    Mad Cave Studios Gatchaman Ken Deathmatch #1 (One Shot) Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards

    Ken goes undercover to infiltrate an underground gambling ring where martial artists from around the globe fight to the death. There, the winners are captured and brought to a secret Galactor recruiting base. If they refuse to join, the captives are dropped in the jungle and hunted as prey for Galactor's training program. Can anyone make it out alive? The first in a series of self-contained one-shots that each focus on a separate member of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman!


  • Gatchaman #1 Cover A Inaki Miranda

    Mad Cave Studios Gatchaman #1 Cover A Inaki Miranda

    The triumphant return of Gatchaman, the iconic Japanese animated franchise of a five-member, bird-themed superhero team. A mechanical terror has descended upon numerous cities and the world's greatest scientists are disappearing. Our only hope: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman! As they battle these machinations from the international terrorist organization known as Galactor, their strength, willpower, and even vehicles are pushed to the absolute limit. If they fail...who's waiting in the wings to take their place? The first exciting issue in an ongoing series that expands upon the original anime series!


  • Last stock! Grimm Fairy Tales Oz #1 (Of 6) A Cover Campbell Wraparound

    Zenescope Grimm Fairy Tales Oz #1 (Of 6) A Cover Campbell Wraparound

    AT LONG LAST, THE FINAL REALM OF POWER IN THE GRIMM FAIRY TALES UNIVERSE IS R EVEALED AND THERE'S NEVER BEEN AN OZ QUITE LIKE THIS! This modern take on the story re-imagines the classic tale in the signature Zenescope style. The Witches of OZ are searching for a lost weapon of power known as the Veridian Scepter. Their quest leads them to the most unlikely of places the farmlands of Kansas and the home of the unlikeliest of heroes Dorothy Gale. Incredible cover art by superstars J. Scott Campbell, Artgerm, Eric Basaldua, and Ale Garza! The epic Oz adventure starts here!


  • Last stock! Red Sonja (2021) #8 Cover A Andolfo

    Dynamite Entertainment Red Sonja (2021) #8 Cover A Andolfo

    As a new, deadly threat comes fuller into focus, the schism between Red Sitha and Red Sonja widens. Their connection dims. Sitha's penchant for violence, her inability to keep her demons at bay, are soon to lead to a confrontation, with only one surviving...


  • Last stock! Red Sonja (2021) #7 Cover A Andolfo

    Dynamite Entertainment Red Sonja (2021) #7 Cover A Andolfo

    New arc, new jumping-on point for readers! The adventures of Red Sonja and Sitha in a world full of threats and dangers have only just begun. Now the bond between the two has become deeper and more special, but are their problems really solved? A new, deadly threat looms, and the mother/daughter connection may not be enough to quell the evil ahead and the power within...


  • Last stock! Red Sonja (2021) #4 Cover A Andolfo

    Dynamite Entertainment Red Sonja (2021) #4 Cover A Andolfo

    MOTHER, PART FOUR. The marauders of Shezem will have their blood. They will capture the She-Devil and the young Sitha, whose power has become extraordinary. Sitha's revenge will manifest in ways that not even Red Sonja will be able to contain... The ongoing adventures continue, from MIRKA ANDOLFO (Sweet Paprika) and GIUSEPPE CAFARO (Sacred Six)!


  • Quests Aside #1 Cover A Gogou

    Vault Comics Quests Aside #1 Cover A Gogou

    A skeleton, an apprentice mage, and an exiled princess walk into a bar... for another shift at Quests Aside, the local watering hole run by once legendary, now retired adventurer Barrow. When the King privately explains that he plans to shut the place down, Barrow must find a way to hold onto his business and the family he's built around it. It's always sunny in the realms!


  • Quests Aside #3 Cover A Elena Gogou

    Vault Comics Quests Aside #3 Cover A Elena Gogou

    He's tough. He's dumb. He's Tavin! And he's... Barrow's new apprentice? That's right. Barrow sees himself in the young brawler and takes him under his wing. Cue the training montage. Plus, Ray gets dumped, and a necromancer is there to pick him up. Bonus: Mercenaries attack! But... Who sent them?


  • Quests Aside #2 Cover A Gogou

    Vault Comics Quests Aside #2 Cover A Gogou

    Once a legendary adventurer, Barrow now runs a bar -- and the King just declared he's shutting it down. So, what does Barrow do? Does he tell his staff? Nope. He goes into full denial mode, sticks his head in the sand, and struggles to remember why he got out of the game to begin with.


  • Last stock! Invincible Red Sonja #8 Cover A Conner

    Dynamite Entertainment Invincible Red Sonja #8 Cover A Conner

    Sonja finds herself in the middle of a vast desert on the run with Princess Zaria and Prince Edward from an unstoppable enemy bent on destroying everything in its path.



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